1992 Foundation Year

Founders are Ömer Faruk BAHÇIVAN, Mehmet Yaşar BAHÇIVAN, Mehmet Fethi BAHÇIVAN

Total Employee is 320

Number of White Collar Employees: 60
Number of Blue Collar Employees: 260
Total Production Field is 6
Total Production Area is 43.000m2
Sales Points over the number of 200 in 65 Countries

Location Production area Products
Istanbul, Turkey 18000 m2 Domestic Fans, Commercial Fans and Jet Fans
Istanbul, Turkey 8000 m2 Electric Motors
Istanbul, Turkey 2000 m2 Industrial Tube axial Fans
Istanbul, Turkey 7000 m2 Industrial Radial Fans, Cell Fans
Istanbul, Turkey 4000 m2 Fan Parts,
Şanlıurfa, Turkey 4000 m2 Industrial Radial Fans, Ventilation Units